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Date:2006-04-22 11:46
Subject:so you don't want to hear about my good day
Mood: loved

thursday: i was given a half day at work, it was also insanely beautiful outside. sarah and i took a drive down to sandy hook (listening to "yes, virginia..." by the dresden dolls twice through (great album. go buy it)). our first stop was to the lighthouse. it was a clear day so we were able to see clear across to new york city. awesome view. we shared a couple kisses up top and then made our way down to the beach.
it was pretty empty, but i was still suprised there were as many people there as there were. after all, it was the middle of a thursday (shouldn't more people have been at work?). we laid out on the sand for about and hour or so while i read "the perks of being a wallflower" to sarah.
after that we were both pretty hungary so we got back in my car and went looking for someplace to eat. we found this really nice place on 36. the food was so good, as was the company.
sarah- "why are you looking at me like that?"
me- "because i love you."
sarah- "good answer."
we were feeling saucy so we took a look at the deserts. the waitress ended the desert tour with a chocolate/peanut butter brownie, which was, "served warm with ice cream and extra gooy in the middle." she hit all of sarah's magic words with that one; chocolate, peanut butter, ice cream, gooy. it was an orgasim on a plate.
we went back to the beach to give ourseleves some time to digest and then drove back to sarah's appartment. once there we watched "walk the line" with kp and then just hung out for the rest of the night.
the thing that warmed my heart the most was the next day i was at work and got this message texted to me, "yesterday was the perfect day. thank you."

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Date:2006-03-26 21:43
Subject:it's wearing on me

sarah came by jc penney today so we could go out to lunch since i wasn't going to get to see her tonight. it was cute. a few of the ladies i work with got to meet her, they were excited to since i'm always talking about her to them. it's cool how my co-workers are so supporitve of my relationship. i guess i really aprciate it since they're my mom's age and since my mom's not really down with sarah it's nice to have parent type figures to talk to. they also think that it's really fucked up that my parents don't like sarah, why couldn't they be my parents damnit. i'm thinking that soon i need to tell my mom and dad about her. they've asked a couple times about if i was seeing her, and i had to lie to them about it. plus it's starting to bother me that everytime i go see sarah i have to lie about where i'm going. i don't like having to lie to them about it. i feel like a bad person. plus i want to be able to talk to them about her. more then anything i guess i just want them to know what she's like and that she makes me happy. but i guess she's not allowed to make me happy because she's a jew.
but yea, sarah came for lunch and we had a nice time talking and eating. we loves us some good food. being with her puts a big smile on my face, and not being near her makes me feel ill.

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Date:2006-03-12 08:42
Subject:i want to feel that sting again

i've been thinking for a while about getting a second tattoo. i don't really know what i want though. for a while i've been thinking of getting something relating to new jersey, because like everyone else, i have a little jersey pride. i don't want something that would look white trashy i went looking for symbols of new jersey on google and here's what i found: http://www.monroetwp.k12.nj.us/es/radix/starw/Lessons%20&%20Projects/3rdgradeprojects/nj%20symbols%20lesson/newjerseybird.jpg yeah. it's a picture of the state bird, the golden finch. i think that would look pretty good. and in the banner i would re-place "new jersey" with "prosperity" (as it appears in the state crest). that is one possability. the other thing i was thinking was a memorial to my baba (grandma) who died last summer. for that one i was thinking either an angle or angle wings and a halo with "john 11:25-26" under the design and "baba" on top of it. i think i'm more likely to get the memorial first. probably put it over my heart. that seems like a good place for it.

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Date:2006-03-12 07:47
Subject:i had this whole big thing written and live journal ate it. lets try again, shall we?
Mood: annoyed

dante and randle (from clerks) were totally right, guidence counslors are some of the most worthless school officals ever. totally worthless. here's my case against them: last december when i went to register for spring classes, i knew i was close to being suspended. i went to talk with a counslor about what classes i should take and to find out if i even could take any classes in the spring. i was given some good news, that i would be suspended in the coming fall semester if i didn't improve my standing in the spring. that ment i had time to fix everything, which i was very willing and excited to do. that being said, i went and registered for classes and got ready to hit the books, i mean really hit the books, for the spring semester. i went to my first class and for some reason i wasn't on the attendence list when the professor read it off at the begining of class. weird. i waited until the end of the class and went to ask him about it. he said maybe i was dropped for non-payment. but that didn't make sense because my mom sent the check about three weeks prior to classes starting. i went to the registration office to see what was up and only then did i find out i was suspended. fan-freakin-tastic. i spoke with another counslor that day to see what was up and she told me that there was nothing i could do. great. because no one told me how long the suspension was i assumed it was just for the spring (look at what happens when you assume). i went this past friday to talk to a counslor about when was the soonest i could register for classes and what i would need to do to be re-instated. he excused himself from the room to "get something" and i heard him go down the hall and ask another counslor the questions i had just asked him. yes that's right, he didn't know anything. wonderful. he came back and told me that i couldn't take classes at brookdale for a year. i can't go back until spring 2007. i excused myself from his office before i could say anything relating to how pissed i was.

here's my plan of action. i'm currently working full time, as well as working part time. once my car is paid off i'm going to save my money to pay for classes at another school. maybe middlesex county college or rutgers. i'm going to take a few general education courses (like biology and psychology) at another school and transfer the credits over to brookdale because i want to finish over there since it'll be easier to transfer my entire degree to another college (should i choose to go to another college, which i think i will). before i register for any classes i'm going to go to brookdale and make sure the credits will transfer over. here's what i'm going to want to say to the guidence counslor when i go talk to them again, but we all know i won't: "you're certain these credits will transfer? 100% certain? you had better be sure they will. because if i pay for these, bust my ass in the classroom and come back here and you tell me that they won't count towards my degree i'm going to take the money i spent on these classes from you because you're obviously not doing your job right and shouldn't be compensated for it." that's what i'm going to want to say but we all know i won't.

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Date:2006-02-24 19:15
Subject:well this is lame...
Mood: determined

i woke up this morning and the first thought is "this is depressing. this is my life." allow me to elaborate. i failed out of college. correction. i failed out of community college. as though it wasn't embarising enough that i should have graduated from brookdale last spring (had i done everything in a better time frame) but it will now offically take me three and a half years to finish at a two year school. there's no one to blame for that but myself. now that i'm not in school i'm working full time. i'm working full time at a company that makes hair dye. as i stood there putting plastic ties on pastic bags i thought to myself, "so this is what it is to be a loser."
i thought that being put on academic suspension was enough motivation to do better in school, that was until i started working here. this is what awaits me if i don't push myself. working crap jobs for slave wages for the rest of my days. not if i have anything to say about it, which i do. once i'm re-instated at brookdale i am going to kick so much ass in my classes and finally get my assosiates degree. where i go after that, i'm still not sure. at least i'll have that all important paper that says i went to college. what exactly do for me? i don't know, but i'll have it.

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Date:2006-02-10 16:55
Subject:gasp, weeze, puke
Mood: mellow

i've started running again over the course of this week. i haven't really worked out since high school. i've some how managed to not get fat, but that doesn't mean i'm in shape. i'm hopping this is a baby step to starting a regular work out program for myself. i've been meaning to do so for a long time, the only thing that was in the way, i guess was me. it feels good to get back into it. it's funny though, i'm like the only person outside. everyone else is tucked away indoors, no one's out enjoying the day (excpet for all the old people out walking around).

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Date:2006-02-06 17:23
Subject:you and i collide
Mood: calm

it's been a while since i've put forth the effort to post a real entry.

not being in school sucks ass. i was so ready to stick my face in the grindstone and get my shit done this semester. however, i was a dumbass the last 3 semesters in a row so that negates my drive to do well as far as the school is concerned. but hey, i did it to myself. i have to deal with it. i'm thinking of going to brookdale and talking with one of the counsolers and see when i can go back and all the good stuff. if i can i'd like to take one or two classes over the summer, then the rest of what i'll need in the fall.

since i'm not in school i need to get a full time job in order to 1) have health insurance 2) pay off my car 3) make money to pay for brookdale in the summer and fall 4) occupy my time. i applied at five or six places but never heard anything from any of them. i found a place in englishtown. it's a factory that manufactures and ships make up and haor dye. the husband of one of my mom's co-workers works there and he hooked me up with the job. i really appreciate it. i think i'm starting there in a week, and i'll keep my job at jc penney as part time. i figure i'll keep it at least until my car is paid off, but if all the work doesn't kill me, maybe i'll just hold on to it in order to make as much money as i can between now and the fall.

the best news i have to report is that tomorrow is the one month mark for me and sarah. she makes me happy and i'm lovin' it (yea, i borrowed that from mcdonald's because i'm lame like that). things have been going really well between us. i guess it has to do with the fact that we have a lot in common but are individual enough that we can get along.

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Date:2006-01-24 21:19
Subject:extream gayness
Mood: loved

2 weeks today! WOOO! we made it!

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Date:2006-01-17 23:16
Subject:long live my new car
Mood: bouncy

the purple haze is dead. sometime this week it's going to be towed away. the good news is as of tomorrow i'll have a new car. that's right kiddies, a 99 nissan sentra. it's in real good shape and is all around a nice car. the only thing that sucks is it's way out of my price range. my mom is paying for it and i'm going to pay her every penny back. i'd rather deal with paying her back then paying the bank back.

i'm just a little ticked that the other people i called about cars i saw in the paper never called me back. i guess they didn't want to sell their crap that bad. oh well, i'll be happy with this car once i give it a snappy nickname and take it out for a spin.

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Date:2006-01-15 11:31
Subject:wasn't hitler wrong for this?
Mood: sad

me and sarah have been boyfriend and girlfriend for almost a week. we really get along with each other and have a great time when we're together. there's only one problem: my parents hate her. here's the thing that really sucks is they never even tried to get to know her. my parents don't want me to date sarah because of the simple fact that she is jewish. sound fucked up? yea, i think so too.

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Date:2006-01-12 16:20
Subject:this is the end, the end my friend
Mood: calm

i borrowed my dad's car (very soon to be my car) to go to the bank this morning. i walked over to my car to get my sunglasses out and i looked at the ground around my car. to put it simply, the purple people eater is bleeding to death. yes that's right, my car is slowly dieing in front of my house. my dad wants to try and fix it so that i can drive it until it's totally shot, but i really think that it's already done. i love my car but i think it's just time to move on. it's given me lots of memories but now it's time for it to go on to a better place (a place where it'll be crushed into a cube).

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Date:2006-01-10 19:28
Subject:just plain rage
Mood: distressed

i don't freakin believe my parents. they don't want to waist there money on school if i'm not going to do well. my goal to do well involoves me spending less time at work and more time in school. makes sense right? they don't agree with that plan becaues then i won't have money. guess what, when my bank account was at it's highest my gpa was at it's lowest. they think that because they can streach themselves thin to support their family i can strech myself as thin. here's the news flash. I CAN'T.

i said a year ago i wanted to stop going to regular college and go learn how do something useful so i could support myself. they stood behind that for about a day then changed their minds. now they're saying i need to make something out of myself. i said back in high school that i wanted to go into the army and my dad didn't support it. now all i hear is "why don't you go into the marines and make something of yourself?" hi, i had that idea 3 years ago. apparently i come up with some pretty good ideas for my life.

they're seriously driving me crazy. nothing is good enough. the ideas i come up with for my life are no good, not until they say so. and that doesn't happen until i loose interest.

my plan for my life is to get rich, give them a million dollars of my riches pay back all the money they've wasited on my existance and say, "now leave me alone." it sounds like a good plan right?

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Date:2006-01-10 18:09
Subject:road rage
Mood: annoyed

when it came time to buy a car for me almost 3 years ago, i let my parents talk me into buying the purple haze (my current car). i was dumb for that because my friend brian found a cheap car for me that was old but in much better condition. my mom didn't want me to buy it because of the color and it was old. there are 2 things that are messed up about this, the first being SHE NEVER SAW THE CAR and the second being that brian knew the guy and knew the condition of the car. the car my parents picked out for me has been towed home 3 times since i bought it and was in a major accident before we had bought it (which of course the guy "forgot to mention")and not to forget the all important IT'S PURPLE.

yesterday my car was towed home for the 3rd time. it's looking like it's time to put her out of her misery. i was looking online for cheap cars today. my dad comes in and is pushing me to look at eclipses, which are good cars, i'll give him that. the thing that bothers me is this: that's the car HE wants to drive. i can't afford it, not without going to the bank and begging for money, which is what they think i should do. i won't do that because i can't afford to pay it back. why not? because when school starts back up in a couple weeks, i'm cutting back my hours at work so i can finally concentrate on school like i should have been doing all along. what they don't seem to get is that i NEED to do well in school. and if i want to do well, i can't be at work all the time.

i don't have a lot of money to buy a nice car. i don't need a nice car. i need a car that will get me to where i need to go. it could be covered in rust and bird shit for all i care. all that matters to me is that it runs well. with my current car, i basically squeezed water from a stone. i got almost 3 years out of it, which is probably much longer than it should have lasted me (much thanks to brian killeen and my dad for working on it when it was hobbled, which was far too often).

my dad says that he'll sell me his car for $2,000, which is still more than i have, but i'm assuming he'll allow me to pay in instalments (there's no way i can get around paying him back, he knows where i sleep). if that works out then i'll have a nice luxury car complete with matching dents on the fenders (one of which i put in it).

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Date:2006-01-09 23:20
Subject:it's a hat-trick!
Mood: calm

last night i was so excited to go snowboarding that i couldn't fall asleep until 2AM. at 6, i woke up to get ready and to go pick sarah up. it was traffic hell on 18 so i didn't get to sarah's until about 7:30. we loaded upmy car and headed out. we made pretty good time, we got to camelback shortly after it opened for the day and no one, i mean NO ONE was there. the conditions were really good as well. i didn't think the snow was going to be as good as it was considering i saw no snow as i was getting to the mountian.

we made a few runs and sarah wasn't feeling too well plus her boots were causing her toes to go numb. we went inside for a little bit, came back out and made another run and then went back in because her feet hurt so bad. she didn't want to snowbaord anymore and was content to sit in the lodge alone while i went out and snowboarded. i didn't want her to be bored plus i don't like going on my own (it's boring by yourself). i told her i was going to make a couple more runs and then i would come back and get her and we would go home. and that's what i did.

when we were driving home is when the real action started. we were maybe 40 minutes from home and all of a sudden i hear what sounds like something is scraping the bottom of my car. i ignore it at first thinking it was just something on the road. then i hear it again. i don't know what it is but when i looked in my rear-view mirror all i could see was white smoke pouring out the back of my car. i pulled over to see what it was and when i looked under the car to see if my exhaust was still there (which it was) i saw a large puddle of oil. great. i called trip A and they came to tow me home. i was so glad i had sarah with me. while we were waiting she pulled out this totally random book by steve martin and we read it to each other while we waited. the tow truck came in under 30 minutes and let me tell you, homeboy was a trip, which made it a fun ride. this is the 3rd time my car has been towed home. i may need a new car. oh well, me and the purple haze had a good run. anyone know someone looking to sell a car for under $1000? it's all i got.

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Date:2006-01-09 01:25
Subject:ahh, live journal, we meet again
Mood: sleepy

it's been a while since i posted anything here. so what's been going on in my life? nice of you to ask.

in most recent pete news, we'll start with sarah. i randomly found sarah on myspace and we started talking via aim. this past friday she invited me to go and hang out with her and some of her friends at the north brunswick pub. i went, we had a good time. we had a few drinks and she even got me to dance a little bit. if you know anything about me you known that that's an accomplishment. we hung out at the bar until about 1, then i drove her back to her appartment and we watched arrested development for about an hour.

on saturday i went to work and when i got out i drove to her place and then we went to the woodbridge mall. we were looking for some stuff for snowboarding (gloves and hats). we didn't get what we were looking for, but i got wax for my board so that was good. we went back to her place and watched some more arrested development. good times.

today was most interesting. i was at work and got a cut on my finger via a double edged razor blade (which i didn't realize was such until i was cut). it wasn't a bad cut but my bosses wanted me to go and get it checked because no one could tell if it needed stiches and i couldn't remember when my last tetnis shot was. i got out of work early and when i was on my way to the saint peter's hospital (she lives down the street from it) i called her up and asked if she would want to keep me company in the hospotal. she was all worried about why i needed to go but once i explained the story she agreed to come along. we spent about 2 hours there, talking about how i suck at life and exchanging snowboarding stories. then we watched cruel intentions at her appartment.

today we're going snowboarding and i can't be more pumped.

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Date:2005-12-20 23:56
Subject:zany like a sitcom
Mood: shocked

it about 11:30, i'm standing in my room and my phone rings. i look at the caller id an just a number is coming up. out of curiosity i pick it up and there's some girl on the other end (she even sounded cute, but that's not important to the story). she gave no introduction, just asked if i wanted to hang out. i'm standing in my room dumbfounded because i couldn't for the life of me figure out who this was. embarrased, i asked who i was talking to. her name was erica. i don't know anyone named erica, and i didn't go to any bars over the week, or ever really. i can't figure out who this is. i im-ed my friend ronnie asking him if i know anyone named erica. this feels like it was taken out of a bad sitcom.

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Date:2005-12-17 17:42
Subject:like i haven't heard this tune before
Mood: pissed off

i come home from work today and my dad starts sreaming at me right away. apparantly something else has crawled up his ass and is wagging war for space against the pole that's already there. bottom line is that if my room gets messy again, he's going to clean it (which means he's going to throw my crap out the window and i can find a new place to live). he's been using this threat on me FOR TWENTY-ONE YEARS. i don't fear him for saying this, i don't respect him, i'm just angered and annoyed by him.
now the only motivation i have for doing anything is so i can get out of his house, that's another thing i'm tired of being reminded of. yeah i get it, it's your house and i just live here. if he's going to make such a big deal about me living here for free maybe he should just start charging me rent. i'll gladly pay it if it'll shut his fucking face.
maybe he should just throw me out, that'll make him happy i bet. i think he holds his one friend too high. he thinks that one of his fishing buddies is fucking God or something because he kicked his druggie son out of the house. i think that my dad respects the guy for it or something, becuase he's an ass like that. i can kinda picture my dad planting drugs in my room so he would be "justified" in kicking me out.
aren't parents supposed to love their children? what ever happened to that? maybe that's a relic from the "good old days." i guess you don't have to love them always, just when they don't screw up. well guess what, i'm a screw up. i've come to terms with that so why doesn't he?

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Date:2005-12-16 23:19
Subject:more random thoughts
Mood: geeky

so i'm sitting here watching the comedians of comdey and i was inspired to sit and write some jokes. now i just need a group of 3 other comedians, 2 nerds and one weird chick and an RV and i'll be all set.

i saw a commercial for jack daniel's whiskey and at the end they said "best enjoyed responsibly." now i can't help but think that if mister daniel were to hear that he would just snicker and say "drink up ya pussy."

after my week of drinking with friends i've come to realize that i don't so much enjoy hard liquor. i'll say it, i enjoy bitchy drinks. pass another bahama mama down this way please.

did you know that if you throw a glass jar full of pennies at a wall you're just going to have broken glass and pennies everywhere.

it's my friend's 21st birthday party tomorrow night. she's having it at club abyss. in my 21 years on this earth i have never stepped foot in a dance club, until now. aside from the birthday girl, i won't know anyone at the party. my stratagy is to avoid the dance floor at ALL COSTS. i'm going to stay at the bar, even if i don't feel like drinking. there's one pitfall in that plan, i just have to make sure i don't drink too much because then there's the danger of the drunk-white-boy-shuffle, and no one wants to see that.

ok, that's all i was able to squeeze out for now. tune in next time... for more... crap.

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Date:2005-12-16 17:37
Subject:don't tell pete you never did what pete did
Mood: pissed off

last night i had some people from my school over to hang out and have some drinks. it was cool, laid back, and then my sister decided to be a bitch. rather then quietly ask my friends to quiet down she storms upstairs, yelling and cursing everyone off. yea, she's pleasant to be around. then she called my brother in south carolina and had him call me to say everyone had to go. then today he calls me up and bitches me out about having people come over, basically saying he didn't do that when he lived here. pardon my french but that is fucking bullshit. if he even opens his mouth to my parents about me having people over i'm calling him out on all the shit he's done behind their backs that he hasn't exactly been up front about. it pisses me off that he's going to act like he hasn't done the same stuff i'm doing. it's crap.

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Date:2005-12-15 13:39
Subject:seasons greatings
Mood: blah

they're not called "holiday trees" and it's not "x-mas." it's CHRISTmas time and if anyone tells you otherwise they're pulling you chain. i'm really annoyed by the was on christmas. if people don't want to believe in anything that's fine, if you don't like it don't look. to quote my friend brian, people have freedom of religion, not freedom FROM religion. christmas time is supposed to be a joyful happy time, so people please just be happy.

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